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It’s October 1st! Time to get your Halloween On! What better way than with a cute Ghost? This 3D Layered Ghost with Free SVG can be made into the paper ghost or put on a T-shirt!

Yep! Think outside the box when it comes to these layered files. Sometimes you can do more with the file just by tweaking a few things. Let your imagination run wild!

That’s exactly what I did when I was making the paper ghost. I thought the flowered ghost layer would be so cute on a T-shirt. I just love it!

3d layered ghost free svg
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Here’s a video explaining how to use the file in Design Space:

Supplies for 3D Layered Ghost with Free SVG

Layers for Ghost
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These are the layers for the Ghost. Not that the black goes behind the grey one that has the arms. Also, do not bend the arms with a crease. Leave them straight. You’ll see why in a minute.

Glue the Boo Sign
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The Boo also cuts the middles of the letters out. I glue the black to the white background for the sign. I did not layer them with dots. I used Gorilla Glue glue stick but you can use regular glue or a glue gun.

Join the layers together with foam dots and wrap the arms around to the front of the sign and attach. I used a foam dot for mine.

3d layered ghost free svg
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Here’s a view to show you how the layers all went together and the arms wrapped around. Now what is also cool is I included an easel in this file as well to hold the ghost up so you can put him just about anywhere.

Cardboard for easel
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I used a piece of cardboard I had saved from a paper tablet when I was done with it. I tend to save things like that!

Cutting the Easel OUt
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The Cricut cut it like a charm. I do recommend that you cut this by itself so you can select chipboard with pressure set to more.

Score first
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You will be alerted to change the blade to score first then blade next. There are score lines in the file.

Assemble the Easel
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Glue to back of ghost

On this part, you can glue a piece of black paper to the bottom so the cardboard does not show through.

Iron On for T-Shirt
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I then moved on to Heat Transfer Vinyl to make a T-Shirt with the one Ghost Layer with the flowers on it. I cut that and the Boo only.

Heat Pad
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I use the Heat Pad and the Easy Press for my T-Shirts. I also love doing this on the Self Healing Mat. It helps me line up the Heat Transfer Vinyl on the T-shirt better.

Heat Press Settings
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I set my Easy Press to 325 degrees for 18 seconds. I find that works really well for me for Cricut Iron On Vinyl. I have tried the recommended settings and found I was having to do it twice in some cases so now this is what I do.

Check the Iron On
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Lift up a corner (be careful, it’s hot) to see if the vinyl adhered. Then let it cool down to the touch before removing the plastic sheet on top. I have found if you do not let it cool, it can create a wrinkled bubbly look.

3D Layered Ghost Free SVG
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I love my little Boo’s! Want a copy of the Free SVG?

Want the Commercial Version? You can Purchase it here.

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3D Layered Ghost with Free SVG
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