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Take a look at what we came up with for Halloween Craft and Party Ideas for kids. Halloween is such a fun time for kids. Why not make some fun crafts and have a party so the kids can enjoy a safe place to dress up and have fun with their friends?

These are some ideas you can put your Cricut to use to create for the kids for Halloween.


Halloween is one of the easiest and fun times to decorate for. Pumpkins, Black and Orange balloons, Battery operated candles, Flying Bats (the kids can make), Black Cats, Door and Window Decorations. Check out all the possibilities at Dollar Tree!

Check out our 3D Pumpkin you can make for your table! You can purchase the file here!

3D Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece
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Treat Bags
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Photo: Scott Little

Candy, Candy, Candy! What party would be without it. Make some cute Halloween treat bags to put the candy in so the munchkins can take them home later!


You can really get creative with some fun food ideas! Your table will look absolutely ghoulish! Try making these fun foods. Recipes and how to can be found at Kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

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4. HALLOWEEN GAMES ~ Free Bingo Cards

Pair two children together and give them a roll of toilet paper and some home made eyeballs (white and black construction paper cut out to look like eyeballs). Put some tape on the eyeballs so they can put them in place once the mummy is created. On child gets to be the mummy and one does the dressing. Give them 10 minutes (less or more depending on age) and then have everyone vote on their favorite.

What kid doesn’t like to play Bingo? With these Free Halloween Bingo cards they are sure to have a blast!


Halloween Invitations
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It’s always fun to do these with the kids. They love picking out special stickers to put on the invitations for their friends. You can make them yourselves with construction paper or purchase the whole kit here.


Halloween Party
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I hope you enjoyed our what we came up with for Halloween Craft and Party Ideas for kids.
What was your favorite costume as a kid? One year I got creative and went as a box of Jello – LOL. Seriously, at the time we loved eating Jello straight from the box (yikes!).

For more Halloween Crafts see our Free Halloween SVGs!

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