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I’d like to thank my guest, Kelly Orf, for providing how she made use of all her space in her Small Space Craft Room Makeover!

There are so many out there with small spaces to set up their crafting in that it always helps to get ideas and see photos from those that have done a great job in utilizing their space. Kelly has graciously shared her room with us and provided us with a lot of detail that may help you with craft room ideas for small spaces.

Small Space Craft Room Makeover
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The long shelves are 1’D X 8’L, I really do not love how the items on the shelves are organized and I will probably redo these shelves. I needed a place to hold my Close To My Heart stamps, glass jars with embellishments, and misc decorations. The three drawer units in the center are the tall Alex drawers from IKEA. The other two drawers on either side of the Alex drawers are misc drawers that I purchased from Menards on clearance. I like having a lot of drawers.

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Interview with Kelly on her Small space craft room makeover

Question: Please tell me a little about yourself. Such as what you craft, how you got started, what your favorite hobbies are, etc.

Kelly: I am 48 years old, I have been married for 28 years, and a mother of three great kids. They are older now, I have a 28 year old daughter, a 25 year old son, and a 22 year old daughter. I as of now do not have any grandchildren.

My son is the only one married and not in a huge rush to have kids. I am ready though anytime that they are lol! The empty nest syndrome has definitely kicked in.

I started crafting about 12 years ago. When I first started I mainly just scrapbooked. As I got more comfortable crafting I started making cards. I mainly focused on cards and scrapbooks until about 5 years ago.

Everything changed when I purchased my Cricut explore. I then started to use my Cricut to scrapbook, decorate my house, larger paper crafts, and T-shirts. I just recently purchased a Cricut Maker and I love it. In the past couple of years I have also started to paint, I am trying to learn to sew, and I would love to learn so much more.

Small Space Craft Room
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 I purposely left enough room between the wall and my desk for my Alex drawer unit from IKEA. I have my Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore on top and I store all of my vinyl, HTV, and Cricut accessories in the drawers. I also have a bracket on the side that all of my Cricut mats hang from. I find this keeps them organized and they do not get bent.  I have plenty of room to move it in and out to use as I need it. It usually stays tucked away under the window.

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Question: Where is your craft room located in your home? and how big is it?

Kelly: In a spare bedroom. The room itself is 12’ X 10’ with a closet and entryway. It is not a huge room, so I really tried to utilize every inch that I could. Before I had all of my craft supplies shoved into my office. It was not pretty and was not organized.

My daughter recently moved out so I decided to use her room as my craft room. Since this room was completely empty it gave me the opportunity to move things into the room very slowly and do basic organization as I went.

I also was able to go through all of my craft supplies and purge or donate what I really did not need or use. By doing this I gained a lot of space so that what I do buy in the future isn’t just piled somewhere and cluttering up my room, I will be able to easily find a home for it.

This room is always changing with me adding more colorful and better made baskets, and  decorating it as I go.  I love color, so I’m trying to use lots of pops of color.  Also by me just moving things around that work better to how I craft.

Small Space Craft Room
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hat is my peg board. I thought it looked plain just painted white so I covered it with a colorful floral fabric. I loved the idea of having a peg board, but I have not really utilized it very well as of yet. It’s one of those projects at work kinda of things still.

Question: How did you come up with your craft room design?

Kelly: I drew it out on graph paper. That worked really well with only a few errors.

Cubed Craft Room Table
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The base of my desk is single cube units from Hobby Lobby I have these stacked two high. There are 10 cubes at the front of the desk and 4 cubes at the back where my chair is. There is a combination of drawers, filling drawers, and open cubes.
The top is a 3’W X 6’L butcher block Counter top that I Purchased at Menards. I stained with a teal colored stain and a poly top coat. I don’t really like keeping a lot of organizers on top of my desk. I like a lot of room to work.

Question: What is your favorite thing about your craft room?

Kelly: My cubed storage and my desk.

Question: If you could add (or take away) to your room what would that be?

Kelly: I am not crazy about the 8’ shelves on the one wall. I am not sure what else I can do in that space.

Cubbie Storage for Small Craft Room
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The white card stock paper organizers all the way against the wall by the window are single cubes from Hobby Lobby (which they no longer carry) that are stacked on top of each other. Then there are 3 sets of 8 cubed units with 4 cubed units stacked on top of each one for a total of 36 cubes. I got all of these from Menards. I decided to go this route instead of the IKEA cubed storage for a couple of reasons. I could actually go higher this way with my cubes, the Individual cubes themselves are 13.25” on the inside, which is larger than IKEAs cubes. So that I could fit the 13” fabric cubes in them. Also, if I ever have to move these they would be much easier to move, and the cost of these was around $100 cheaper. Then I have another stack of Hobby Lobby card stock dividers. Lastly I had more room left over than I thought so I purchased 2 white 3 cubed units and stacked them. This gives me a total of (10) 12 X 12 card stock organizer cubes, and (44) single cubes in all. There is still about 7” to the wall by the closet and I stored some tall flat items there.

Question: What is the most challenging thing you had to deal with when organizing your craft room and how did you solve the problem?

Kelly: The size of the room. My room is not that big so I tried to utilize every inch that I could. I placed my desk in the middle of the room and placed storage around the perimeter. That is also why I went so high on both large walls. I have always Read that you should go up if you need more space when you organize.

Small Space Craft Room
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I have a bookshelf that was left when my daughter moved out. It was brown and I spray painted it white. I store all of my painting accessories, paint brushes, and wooden blanks on this. I will probably end up replacing this. It isn’t that well made and it doesn’t exactly fit there, but it works until I can find something else. I then have a cart from IKEA that is empty for now. Then on the wall by the door way I have 2 DVD storage shelves that I purchased from IKEA. I have all of my paint stored on these. I love these they are 8”W X 84”H the shelves are adjustable and they hold a lot. I have just enough room for one more of these. I plan on purchasing it the next time I go to IKEA.

Question: If you could give one piece of advice to others wanting to create a room such as yours what would that be?

Kelly: To look on Pinterest, and Facebook to get an idea of different designs and things that you really love. Make a list of the items that you find that you want to incorporate in your craft room.

Then you really need to think about what supplies that you have and what organizational furniture that you like and will need. Then I suggest that you use graph paper and draw out a diagram of how you want your furniture organized.

Then start with a completely empty room and slowly move your craft furniture and supplies in your room. As you do this purge and donate any craft supplies that you do not need. Also, implement simple organization as you move your craft supplies in don’t feel like it has to be completely organized at first.

Once you get your furniture in it’s correct place then you can organize, decorate, and make any adjustments as you need.

Small Craft Room
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The closet: This is almost completely empty. It’s a normal closet with a bar in it. I plan on taking out the bar and adding wire shelves the whole length of it for additional storage.

In conclusion Kelly adds this advice:

Take your time when setting up your craft room. Have fun and enjoy the process, and know that it will always be a work in progress. I also sent you an email that has all of my pictures and a lot more information on my craft room.

I love Kelly’s use of her small space and the craft storage ideas she implemented taking full advantage of her small space craft room makeover! What is your favorite take away from this?

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Small Space Craft Room Makeover
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