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If you love sewing then you understand the need to have all your materials and accessories organized. Sewing room organization is key to being productive especially because once you sit down to sew the last thing you want to do is to have to get up and look for things. Am I right?

What I love about sewing is the beautiful colors of everything from the materials to the threads to the accessories! I’ve seen some pretty incredible sewing room organization and it’s really not that hard to achieve.

Sewing Room Organization
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I’ve searched for some really awesome projects to create some wonderful things for your sewing room organization. Let me know which one is your favorite!

If you use any of these ideas, be sure to post a photo in our Facebook Group Craft Organization!

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1. Chic Pincushion from The Scrap Shoppe Blog 
This cute pin cushion is so easy to make and Michele does a good job of showing you how!
This is really handy because used as a frame it will sit propped up and ready to use!
Supplies for this project:

Sewing Storage
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2. Colorful Embroidery Floss Shadowbox Storage from Flamingo Toes 
I love the upcycle of this cute little shadow box that Beverly used to store her embroidery threads. Be sure to see exactly how she transformed it!
Supplies for this project:

Sewing Storage
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3. Corner Guard Bobbin Holder from Sew Many Ways 
I love this idea of using a pencil case and transforming it to a bobbin holder! Check out Karen’s other ideas for Bobbin storage!
Supplies for Project:

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Sewing Organization
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4. Dishwasher Sewing Caddy Organizer from Sew Licious Home Decor 
You can get these dishwasher silverware baskets on Amazon!

Pin holder
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5. DIY Magnetic Pin Holder from Sew Licious Home Decor 
This truly is an upcycle project and so cute!
You may already have a plate and a candle holder you can use!
Other Supplies you’ll need:

diy rope basket
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6. DIY Rope Basket Out Of Cardboard Box for Fabric from Craftsy Hacks 
What a great idea for an upcycle from Karo. You can use this for any size box that will fit your fabrics and other odd size things!

Thread and Bobbin Holder
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7. DIY Sewing Thread Holder from The Creative Homemaker 
Heather made this ideal Thread and Bobbin holder. So easy to grab both at once!

Roll up your fleece and store it in cubes for easy fabric organization!
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8. Fabric Organization Ideas & Storage from Jennifer Maker 
Jennifer always has great ideas that are colorful and fun! I have a lot of these cubes in my cubbies and this is a great idea for easy to see felt storage!
Get some affordable and pretty Cubbies here!

Fabric Storage
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9. Fabric Rolling Cart from Laura‚Äôs Crafty Life 
Laure put her rolling cart to work! I love using rolling carts in my craft room! Michael’s Hudson Cart is an awesome cart perfect for this project! She also used Comic Boards to wrap the fabric around.

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10. Filing Fabric Organizer from The Thinking Closet 
This is a brilliant idea from Lauren! It keeps your fabric clean and you can easily wrap it around the Pendaflex Folders to!

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Fabric Storage from Craftaholics Anonymous 
I love the idea of seeing all the pretty fabrics in this bookshelf with glass doors!
Use cardboard cut to size to wrap your fabric around or use the Comic Boards.

Fabric envy!  How to fold and organise your fabric stash.  Makes things so much easier to find and match.  I'm doing it!
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12. Plastic Filing Fabric Storage from So Sew Easy 
Great use of Magazine Boards to wrap and store your fabric in handy clear tubs

Lace Storage
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13. Wood Spool Lace Holder from Flamingo Toes 
Beverly has a beautiful sewing room she showcases in this link. Her use of old wooden spools to wrap her lace collection around is a great idea and visually pretty as well!

So that is a lot of great ideas for your sewing room organization! Which one is your favorite?
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Sewing Room Organization
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