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This little gnome is just dying to show off his patriotism with his red, white, and blue outfit! He proudly displays a sign for any branch of the military to show his support.

Patriotic Gnome
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Easy to use following these same steps found in our video for a reverse canvas here, but you can make him out of any material you like! Paper, Vinyl, HTV you pick!

Find the free SVG in the library and if you don’t have a password for it, just sign up at the bottom of this post!

This little guy is the same as in the video but he has more signs that you can choose from!



Separate the images
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Bring the SVG into Design Space and ungroup. Move the red off the white in the cap and group and attach. Group and Attach the white as well. This will make it much easier to put together later.

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Choose the saying for the sign you want and hide the rest.

Check Your mats and mirror
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Click continue and be sure to Mirror Your mats! Check each one and move things to save material. Then click continue.

Select material
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I uses Heat Transfer Vinyl (non-cricut) for all my HTV and default pressure.

Once that is done and you’ve cut out all your mats, then proceed to assemble the little guy as so:

  1. Place the blue top of the hat using the right tip of the bottom of the hat to gauge centering.
  2. Place down the Red Stripes.
  3. Place down the White Stripes in between the red ones.
  4. Place down the brim of the hat.
  5. Put the beard in place
  6. Place the nose butting up against the brim of the hat
  7. Put the body in place
  8. Place the boots on top of the body just under the beard.
  9. Put the sign in the middle of the beard and a little ways below the nose.
  10. Place both mittens on either side of the sign.

Print out a the JPEG file or have it on your computer screen to refer to when you assemble him and you will have no problems at all. He is very easy to put together as long as you attached the red and white in the cap before cutting.

Which sign will you use? We are a USMC family so that is what we made!

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