Are you surrounded by Craft Room Chaos?

Your craft supplies are piled in boxes and bags with no organization. You know you have more than enough supplies but constantly buy duplicates because you can’t find them. 


⇒ You’ve tried craft room organization challenges, but they drag on and you lose focus on the end goal.


⇒ How awesome would it be to have real-time help and interaction with people who are working on the same project?


Then your solutions await you when you join the 

Craft Room Organization MasterMind!


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So Sign Up Now!

 A four-week program designed to help you go from
cluttered chaos to organized bliss. Here is some of what you get…

4 weeks of planned actionable steps for you to get your dream craft room

  • Step by Step videos to take you through the process and guide your vision
  • Downloadable planning worksheets, inventory log, room layout template, labels and more!

Unlimited access to training videos and worksheets

  • You get access to all updates, new presentations, trainings, and updated worksheets for future reference.

Access to private Facebook Group for Mastermind members

  • Meet like-minded people on the same journey as you who share your frustration and goals
  • Learn new ideas, make new friends and help each other create craft rooms that others will drool over.

Weekly Facebook Lives to ask questions and get answers

  • Expert advice to help you through challenges and give you specific direction to your needs and situations.
  • Each session will be recorded and provided to members for future review.

Is the Craft Room Organization Mastermind for you?

First, I have a few questions.

⇒ Is your craft room a source of embarrassment?

⇒Do you keep the door closed so no one can see the mess inside? 

⇒Or do you have a blank room that you’d love to turn into a dedicated craft room as a personal sanctuary, but you have no idea where to even start? 

So you have two options:

#1: You could pay a designer to come in and set up your room…

But that can get to be expensive.


#2: You can join Craft Room Organization MasterMind…

…and do this YOURSELF with a detailed Plan of Action, with Live Help,
be done in One Month, AND for a Very Low Cost? 

What are you waiting for?

From this…

Messy Craft Room

To this…

Sorting Supplies

UNLIMITED storage options!

Iris Project Case Storage

What the 4 weeks look like:

Week One: Deep Dive into How to Best Design Your Room

  • Learn the organization tricks that will maximize your space
  • Design zones and categories for optimized functionality
  • Step by Step process with pictures, diagrams, and specific advice for your room

Week Two: How to Reclaim your Space

  • Start with a clean slate and clean mind
  • Set up a sorting system for tools and supplies that will work long term
  • See how easy this process can be with the exact formula for success

Week Three: Finding the Right Solutions for Optimal Organization

  • Finding storage solutions that work with your space AND budget
  • Use existing resources and learn how to upcycle for creative results
  • List of places to get storage at low costs and help in the group to find more

Week Four: Where does it all go?

  • Give your room a structure so you can easily find and use your tools and supplies
  • Learn the 5s system to keeping your room clean and organized for good!
  • Continued support even after the 4 weeks are over!

You get all this for only $97 $147 if you act now 🙂

Plus I’ll throw in these Bonuses – well over a $149 value (limited time)


Bonus 1 and 2:
Craft Room Time Planner and Craft Room Time Gloal Planner

Craft Room Time Planner
Craft Room Time Plannerime Planner

43 pages of Daily/Monthly/Weekly/Annual Calendars plus a daily list of Holidays and National Days like National Sisters Day or National Pet Day helping you to come up with ideas to craft and not miss a special day ever again. 

And there’s more…

Keep track of Swaps and Crops. Track your inventory, Suppliers, Craft Projects and how much they cost to make, how much you sold and how much profit you made?

Charts to keep on hand for sizes, measurements, temperatures, weights. A place to list your favorite blogs, websites, Facebook groups. Even a Production and Marketing Schedule for those that sell their items!


Exclusive code to use in my shop to get
shop products for FREE.

This code can be used at check out to download organizing printables and crafting designs for personal AND commercial use. This is only available to those in the Mastermind!

That’s well over a $499 + value, FREE – to reward you for fast action!

About Me

Who Am I?

I’m Laurie Clayton, a certified Home Interior Decorator. I’ve been designing and organizing craft rooms for over 20 years and have worked in just about any size room you can imagine. I’ve even designed craft areas in the absence of any designated room at all! 

I’ve taught classes on design and organization and am very excited to be able to offer more individualized coaching to a broader audience! I can’t wait to share all my thoughts and ideas with you to help you achieve your dream craft room. 

I love to design graphics and love labeling all my stuff. I will share everything I have made with you so you don’t have to purchase or make them yourself. I plan to give you as much value as I possibly can each and every week!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Mastermind Start?  The mastermind is designed to be a 4-week process to get to your desired dream craft room. It starts on the 1st of each month and continues weekly for the next 3 weeks.

What if I don’t get it done in the 4-week time frame?  The beauty of the Mastermind is that once you enroll, you are in it for life! You can jump right in with the next group where you left off. It also benefits you because you will get a lot of different people with different crafting supplies so will get new ideas with every new class.

What kind of worksheets are included?  I create all kinds of worksheets to help you get organized as well as printable stickers for organizing and more. You will be given the code to get anything from my shop for FREE personal use! As well as the password to my free resources on my blog!

Do you offer refunds? Once you pay you will be added to the Facebook Group Mastermind, and you will be given access to the full 4 week’s content so no refunds will be issued at that time. I know that life gets in the way, that is why once you become a member you are a member for the life of the group. 

What if I leave the Facebook Group?  If you leave the group, in order to rejoin, you would need to ask to join and give the same email address you signed up with to be added back.

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