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Quick and easy step by step on How to Download and Upload SVG Files.

SVG stands for scalable vector graphic and can be used in most design programs such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.

How to Download the file

When you download the SVG, you will be prompted to save it on your computer. 

It will come in a zipped file that looks like this:

How to Download and Upload SVG files
  • Save

Double click on it to open and you will see Extract All at the top like this:

  • Save

  1. Click on Extract All and then this screen will pop up

  • Save

  1. The folder will automatically be populated 
  2. but you can click on browse to change it
  3. Click this box if you want the new folder to open up 
  4. Click on extract

The zip file will still be there as well as the new files you just created.

When you look in the new file you should see your SVG file and any other files that were included. Similar to this:

  • Save

How to Upload to Cricut Design Space

  • Save

Open Cricut Design Space and click on New Project.

  • Save

Click on Upload

  • Save

Then click on Upload Image:

  • Save

  1. Then Drag and Drop your SVG file you extracted here 
  2. or click browse to find the file
  3. Then click continue

  • Save

  1. Enter a name for your file
  2. Enter tags to make it easier to find later
  3. Click on Save

  • Save

  1. Your image will appear here
  2. Click on it and the box around it will turn green
  3. Click on insert image and the image will then be available on your canvas in Design Space

That’s all there is to it! Hopefully that helped clarify How to Download and Upload SVG Files for you!

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