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The idea of Father’s Day is believed to have originated from a local church in a small town in West Virginia that sponsored an event honoring 362 coal miners who had died in an explosion that previous winter in 1908. In 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd, one of six children raised by a widower, created so much support for the idea that Washington became the first state to have a state-wide celebration. It finally became a federal holiday in 1972 by, then president, Richard Nixon. 

Over the years, the way to celebrate has evolved from flowers and a simple acknowledgment to tools that never get used or ties that never get worn. But regardless of how the sentiment is conveyed, the important part is the celebration of each and every father and his positive role in his family.

This year we are celebrating Father’s Day by providing free sticker files to you and will walk you step-by-step on how to create them.  You will find the free files at the end of this tutorial.

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Supplies needed:

  • Cricut Maker/Cricut Maker 3/Cricut Explorer
  • Sticker paper or Printable Vinyl
  • UV Glossy Laminate (optional)

Upload your image into Circuit Design space.  To do this:

  • From your Canvas you click on Upload from the left-hand tool bar.  
  • Click Upload image
  • You can drag and drop the file or browse for the file.
  • Click upload
  • Select the image and click add to Canvas

Once your Father’s Day sticker files have been uploaded into Cricuit Design Space, you will need to Flatten the stickers.

To Flatten stickers:

  • Select the stickers by using your mouse to draw a box around all the stickers.
  • Click Flatten from the lower right tool bar.

Now resize the stickers by:

  • With your mouse select the sticker
  • Double check to see that the lock is locked
  • Click on the resizing arrow in the lower right corner

The largest size that Cricut will allow for Print then Cut is 6.75” by 9.25”.  Draw this by:

  • Click on the Shapes icon on the left navigation tool bar
  • Choose rectangle
  • Draw a rectangle
  • In the lower left click on the lock.  This will unlock the lock and allow you change the size and not keep the proportions.
  • In the Sizing section of the top tool bar, change the Width to 6.75” and the Height to 9.25”
  • In the Operations section of the top tool bar, Choose Guide from the drop-down menu.

The rectangle you just drew will be a guide to put your stickers on and make sure they all fit in the dimensions of Cricut’s Print then Cut.

Once you have all the stickers arranged the way you want then press the “Make It” button.  I think that is my favorite button. 😊

  • Click Continue
  • Click Send to Printer
  • Choose the Printer you want it to print on
  • I always have Add Bleed toggled on.  Choose what works best for you.
  • Toggle on System Dialog Box.  This way you can make sure you printer is going to print everything the way you want it.  The Printer Dialog Box may show up behind Cricut Design Space.  Please choose the correct settings for your printer.
  • Load the sticker paper into your printer. 
  • Print 😊

After the stickers have printed then place the stickers on your mat.  I used the green mat for this project.  Use whatever mat works best for the sticker paper you are using.

Set Base Material:

  • Click on Browse All Materials and choose the type of material you are using and click done.
  • I always choose More pressure from the dropdown menu.  Choose what works best for your machine and material.
  • Load your mat into the Cricut machine and hit go or the little flashing Cricut icon on the Cricut machine.

Once all the stickers have been cutout.  Unload your mat and flip it over, sticker side down.  Slowly bend the mat towards you and work to release the stickers from the mat.  This keeps the stickers from curling.

  • Save

Thank you to all the Fathers, Step Fathers, Grandfathers and Mothers playing both roles.  Father’s Day is about all the little things that sometimes go unnoticed, or you think go unnoticed.  That is what makes you special to your family. 

Happy Father’s Day from Craft Room Time.

Free files here: Father’s Day Stickers – Craft Room Time

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