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As it gets near to the holidays I started thinking about gifts for co-workers.  I had seen some potholders at my local Dollar Tree so thought that would be a good place to start – everyone needs a potholder after all – whether it is for the cookies, the turkey, mashed potatoes or the cookies (did I say cookies twice?) you can never have too many!


Red potholders

Cricut Iron-on Vinyl (white)

Parchment Paper


Iron-On Vinyl (glitter)

Cricut Heat Press Mini

Professional Grade Steam Iron

I started by searching in Cricut Design Studio images and came across some fabulous designs.

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Decorating potholders is a simple craft.  Simply select the images and size them to the size of your potholder.  For mine this was about 5 inches x 5 inches.

As these are potholders I used iron-on vinyl. I decided to do some in white and some in glitter (mostly because I ran out of white iron on) but, of course, use whatever complements the postholders you’ve chosen.

I cut these on the Maker, ensuring that I mirrored them before cutting (this is one of those things that everyone forgets at some point but the good news is that when you select “Iron on” as a material, design studio now reminds you).

Be sure the shiny side is down on the mat and let the cutting begin!  Weeding was a little harder than with regular vinyl (could be my eyes too) and I used my light pad to help. Don’t strain your eyes! Leave that for too much egg nog!

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I do own a Cricut Heat Press Mini but for this project I decided to just use my iron. 

Make sure you cover your design before you put the iron on it though (I used regular parchment paper).  I tried using a dish towel once but the vinyl didn’t get hot enough. Learn from my experience!

And just like that…

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I hope you enjoy this simple, easy but very useful project!

Happy Crafting!

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