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Learn how to make these Cute Dollar tree Spring Wreaths from dollar tree stove covers

Another easy project using a few items from the Dollar Tree! Turn this pack of Dollar Tree stove covers into cute Spring Wreaths with very few supplies and effort!

Dollar Tree Stove Cover Spring Wreaths Supplies
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Making the Larger Wreath with stove cover

Step One Cut Towel
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Step One Cut Towel
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Step 1: Cut out Towel to fit Stove Cover

For the larger cover I traced the outline of the cover onto the back of the towel with a black sharpie. You can do it on front so you can see where the design will fall. I then cut it out just on the inside of the line.

Step 2 Cover with Tacky Glue
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Step 2: Cover inside cover

Using the large stove cover, apply enough tack glue to cover the whole surface. Use a sponge brush to spread.

Step 3 place towel in Cover
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Step 3: Place Cut Towel

Place the cut towel inside the stove cover and adjust so that it covers the entire surface.

E6000 around edges
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Step 4: Place a bead of E6000

To adhere the jute, place a bead of E6000 around the edge of the pan so the jute will sit on top of the towel and touch the side of the cover. I used two layers by putting another bead of E6000 on top of the jute and around the side and laid it on top of the other one. It hid more of the side. I also used a black sharpie to go around the outside rim.

Place Jute
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Add hanger to back with Duct Tape
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Step 5: Attach Hanger

I added the loofah string left over from my other bunny wreath project and attached it to the back using white duct tape.

Add a Butterfly
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Step 7: Add a Butterfly

I added a butterfly I cut out of the scraps and placed it over the jute where it joined. I then added some small flowers and leaves I had leftover from another project.

Dollar Tree Spring Wreaths
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Making the Small Wreath using the stove cover

I decided to make the smaller wreath a bit differently to see if that would be easier and it turned out to be easier and I like it better!

Apply to the top of the Stove Cover
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I applied the tacky glue to the top of the cover and used the E600 around the edges to hold down the towel.

Towel on Small Cover
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Then I just put a bead of E6000 on top of the towel around the edges and put the jute on top of the glue. I added the hanger with the loofah string and the duct tape just like before and added some flowers.

Small Dollar Tree Spring Wreath
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I have this tobacco basket with a green wreath that I put different decorations on for each occasion and the small cover fit perfectly there! I love it!

Which do you prefer? The large Dollar Tree Spring Wreath from Stove Covers or the small one?

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Dollar Tree Spring Wreath from Stove Covers
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