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Don’t you love the look of these little DIY Dollar Tree Wreaths for the kitchen cupboards? When I went to look for them online, I was shocked at the prices! So I decided to see what Dollar Tree had so I could make my own. Here is the results of

Dollar Tree Wreath Supplies
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One trip and I found everything I needed.

Here is my shopping list for the DIY Dollar Tree Wreaths for the Kitchen:

  • 15 inch Wreath (qty 4) You can buy in bulk here
  • Poinsettias bunch (qty 1) in bulk here
  • Glittered Red Flowers bunch (qty 4)
  • Ribbon of Choice (3)

Other things I used (not from Dollar Tree)

  • E6000 glue
  • Scissors
  • Mini Lights & Batteries
  • Tape
Dollar Tree Wreath
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Starting with the wreath, fluff out the branches and see where a space is that you can put the ribbon you will use to hang on the cupboard. To create a space wide enough, use one of the branches and twist it around the frame so you have an even spot.

Dollar Tree Flowers
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Next remove all the flowers and leaves from the stems. Place them around the wreath until you have the design you want. Use the leaves to fill in around the wreath to cover bare spots. Then glue them using the e6000. I like to glue a few petals to the branches for better stability so they don’t fall off over time.

Measure Cabinets for Ribbon
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Measure your cabinets for the ribbon. You will tape the ribbon to the back of the cupboard door so leave enough so that it will drape over. Then cut the ribbon to size.

Attach Ribbon to Wreath
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Add a dab of glue to the back of the end of the ribbon, place it around your wreath and adhere it to the ribbon. Let this dry before moving or hanging the wreath.

Dollar Tree Kitchen Wreaths
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Once the wreaths are dry, hang them on the cupboards! I had one hung from the cupboard door and used a piece of white duct tape. The other’s I put in between the cabinets. I folded over a piece of duct tape and fed the ribbon down through it then just attached it to the top.

Add lights to Wreath
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Cradle for Battery Pack
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I had purchased 4 wreaths and only needed 3 so for the other one I added a string of lights I picked up at Tuesday Morning (clearance!). I used the left over flower stem and twisted it to the back of the wreath behind the flowers to make a cradle to hold the battery pack.

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Tobacco Basket Wreath
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I then wrapped the lights around the wreath. Turn the lights on so you can see what it will look like as you go. I added this wreath on top of a tobacco basket wreath that I purchased from Tobacco Basket Creations to give it a holiday feel. I think it looks lovely – what do you think?

These are a perfect size and if you purchase them in bulk, you could make some for the bathroom, your entry way and even for outside to make your house more festive. They would be cute hanging from the trees as well. If you make a bow instead of the hanger, you can use them on your table and put a glass bowl in the middle to hold holiday goodies. So many options for the Dollar Tree Wreaths!

The whole project cost me $11 from Dollar Tree, e6000 I had already, I purchased a polka dot ribbon from Walmart (1 roll) $3.99 and the mini lights were $4.99 with 20% off. Not bad!

Here’s a decorating idea for you to do for the Holidays: Holiday Porch Decorations

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