Would you like to learn more on how to MAKE YOUR OWN SVGS?

Did you say Yes, I want to learn to make My own SVGs?

You and so many others!

For many reasons, crafters want to make their own files such as:

  • I'm tired of paying for so many designs
  • I want to make my own photo into an SVG
  • Someone asked me to personalize something for them
  • I would love to make my own logo
  • I want to learn to make them to sell them to others

I asked in our Facebook Group
"What do you struggle with the most with your Cricut or Silhouette?"

Learn to make your own SVGs

The next thing I asked was...

"How much would you be willing to spend to learn this?"

This was also not a surprise as many crafters would rather spend their money on supplies so they want a low cost approach to learn.

The good thing about this is that once you learn what you need, you are done spending on designs that you can make yourself!

I thought and thought. How could I teach others how to make their own SVGs at a low cost to get them to the point that they could make their own SVGs without overwhelm?




All Teaching is done on Adobe Illustrator*

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Learn the Easy Way to Make SVGs

In a low cost $9 monthly membership

where you will learn how to make SVGs step by step
with me teaching you live!

Once a Week* Every Week ~ Live Instructions to make complete SVGs

Join in on the WEEEKLY* EXCLUSIVE LIVE instruction and learn step by step how I create each SVG. Learn the basics and the advanced as you go. Get the weekly file so you can practice at home. Ask questions as I teach so you have a complete understanding of the steps.

The cost of one month's membership at $9 is well worth the
Live instruction and the SVGs files you will get each week!

All Teaching is done on Adobe Illustrator*

*Months with 5 weeks will only have 4 sessions
The last week is an "off" week and now live will be done that week

Learn to Make SVGs like this...

Learn to make SVGs
Learn to Make SVGs

Can't catch the live? No Worries

No problem, there will be recordings of every live and you can ask questions in another live, email or ask in the Private Facebook Group.

For Members Only

I realize you won't be able to make each live, but they will be recorded so you can watch them anytime and ask questions in a Private Facebook group. I will do my very best to jump on with you in a video setting to get your questions answered as soon as possible and post it in the group in case others are stuck too.

What's Included

Weekly* Live Step by Step

Live instruction on creating an SVG from start to finish. Each step explained on how I make the SVG, what menus I'm using, what tools go into play and how I check for any issues by loading into Design Space to cut.

*Months with 5 weeks will only have 4 sessions
The last week is an "off" week and now live will be done that week

Files for You to download

Files already done for you so you can take them apart and use to learn and make changes to. I'll give you the file that we will be making so you can have it available to learn from and take apart. It will include all the steps written out for you in a pdf so you can always refer to it later.

Replays and Facebook

All lives will be recorded so you can catch them anytime as long as you are a member and get your questions answered in Facebook or with one on one instruction. Having someone talk you through your issues is what most courses miss the mark on. I want to know that you have the support you need to make SVGs right away!

Learning how to make your own SVGs will not only save you money,
but can also give you the ability to make money by selling them and what you make with them as well!

All Teaching is done on Adobe Illustrator*

What is my experience with creating SVGs?

Having made hundreds of Free SVGs for people over the years, I have learned very easy ways to get what I need faster and with clean results ready to load into Design Space.

I've taken courses from other crafters and instructors that taught in a very systematic approach to learning the different programs that are available and I found them to be to slow for me and there was no live support. Only emails, comments, Facebook groups and all those sources. The problem with that is when I needed the help, it usually was days later I get a response if any at all.

These courses cost hundreds of dollars and sometimes have multi levels that you have to pay for to get what you need. They take months to finish and finding what you need takes more time when you need
to go back to review.

What finally got me where I needed to be?
I learned that the fastest and most efficient way to make SVGs
was with hands on instruction with
someone who showed me exactly what to do.
Someone I was able to ask questions to and show them where I was stuck
so I could learn right then and there AND finish my project.


How is this different then taking a course?

Each week, I will start from scratch and show you exactly how I get inspiration for my designs, how I start them in Adobe Illustrator, the menus and tools I use all LIVE. At the beginning of each month, I'll start with a simple design and progress each week adding more complexity. So you'll get 4 weeks of a progression each month that will help with retention and honing your skills as you go. Work alongside with me and ask questions when you get stuck. No other course offers this, especially at this low cost!

What software will you teach this on?

I use Adobe Illustrator*for all my designs.

Can I use Inkscape instead of Adobe Illustrator?

At this time I am not using Inkscape (which is a free program).
But I do have good news for you!
Abbi Kirsten has a course for Inkscape called Free the SVG and
You can get it right here
PLUS If you purchase her course, send me a copy of the email receipt and I'll give you six months free access to the membership so you can learn both and have a live person to ask questions to!

Will the price stay at $9 per month?

This program is new and being offered at the low price of $9 per month for founding members for a limited time. The price will increase so don't hesitate to join now and lock in that low rate.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes of course! The membership is a monthly charge to you but you can cancel anytime before the next payment is charged. Once you cancel, you will be removed from the group and lose access to the videos but the files you get are yours to keep! You can also sign back up and regain access at any time!

Do you issue refunds?

Do to the low cost of this membership and all the files that will be provided, there will be no refunds issued once payment is made for the month.

All Teaching is done on Adobe Illustrator*

Join Crafting Your Own SVGs as a Founding Member Now!