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I love gnomes! I saw this cute gnome cookie jar and I though how cute it would be as a 3d paper Christmas Tree Gnome. Then I had a thought to add lights! Then another to make it an Iron-On!

Christmas Tree Gnome
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Take a look at my video that shows you exactly in more detail how I made the shirt starting in Design Space, cutting it out, and all the steps for assembly. I also tell you tips and tricks along the way and show you how to fix mistakes should they occur!

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Supplies for 3D Christmas Gnome

3D Paper:
Cardstock – 3 shades of green, red, white, black, yellow, blue and pink.
Foam Dots

3D Paper and Lights:
Painter’s Tape

Parchment Paper
Mini Press

Sticker Paper

Weeder Tool
Frame (Optional)
Shadow Box

Instructions for Design Space

First let’s start in Design Space. This project is not hard. I think even a beginner could make this!

3D Christmas Tree Gnome in Design Space
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Upload the design and add to canvas.

If you need help doing this step, refer to this post with full instructions. How to Download and Upload ZIP Files.

The Free SVG is in the resource library for personal use and if you are not a member, you can sign up to get it and many other freebies! (commercial use designs are in the shop)

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Ungroup the designs.

Iron- On Gnome Instructions

Iron- on and Sticker Gnome
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If you are wanting to make the Iron-On gnome or the Sticker gnome. Start with this design. I’ll ungroup it so you can see the layers first.

Layers for Iron on
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If you Iron on, hide the other designs first then notice all the different layers for the HTV. You may choose to cut the big white piece or not. I included it for the Print and Cut but if you are putting the gnome on a black shirt, you may want to layer all the vinyl on top of the offset.

Go to make it, be sure to mirror all the mats. then select your HTV and cut. Assemble each just like you would a puzzle. The HTV is not meant to layer except for the mittons, mouth and if you are using the offset.

Print and Cut Gnome Sticker

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Selecting the gnome as show, Click on Flatten. Continue to make it and then Print on your printer using sticker paper and following prompts. Do not use bleed. Then put the sticker paper on your mat and continue to cut.

Your machine will not cut the black registration lines, only the outline of the offset of your gnome.

3D Lighted Hat Gnome or All Paper

3D Paper Gnome and Lighted Hat
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If you are making the all Paper gnome, then hide the layered for lights (with holes) and the Iron-on or Sticker gnome and cut all the layers you see here.

If making the lighted hat, hide the two solid hat pieces and cut the ones with the holes in them.

Instructions for lighted and Paper Gnome

Add the base to the wood
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First I’ll start with the lighted gnome. The process is the same for the paper one, just the top hat is different.

Glue the base black part down to your wood with e6000. This is optional. If you are using a shadow box, just assemble the gnome to the black base without adhering to anything.

attach lights to gnome hat
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Attach the lights to the back of the gnome hat with the brim. Use painters tape to hold them in place. The lights should show through the holes.

Pace the lighted hat on the base
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Place the lighted hat on the base using the foam dots.

Attach the Brim
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Attach the brim with foam dots.

Attach the beard to the top
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Attach the bear layers to the red top. I used HTV so I ironed it on using the mini press on the 2nd setting.

Attach the top
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Attach the red top to the base with foam dots. Make sure to tape the wires down and have it go down the boot to the bottom of the frame so it isn’t noticeable.

Attach the nose
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Attach the noses with foam dots.

Add the mittens and the boots
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attach the cuffs and mittens to both sides and the layers of the boots. The boots get gradually smaller so make sure to center them on top of each other as you go.

That’s all for the lighted Gnome!

3D Paper Christmas Tree Gnome

Using the same steps as above except for the hat…

Attach the first layer of the hat
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Attach the first layer of the hat to the base.

Us a pencil to curl the edges
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Use a pencil to curl the edges of the second layer so it will look more 3Dish and attach with foam dots.

Attach stars
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Attach the brim with foam dots and attach the stars with foam dots as well. Don’t forget the star on the tip of his hat.

Attach the nose
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Finally attach the nose layers!

All these Gnomes are super cute and I’m sure to bring a smile!

We love to see the crafts that everyone makes and others enjoy it as well. We have a Facebook Group “Craft Room Time” were we do giveaways for people just like you that share with us!

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