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If you are a craft blogger like me, then you know all about Resource Libraries! The old way of making them was to have a page full of links that took a lot of time coping and pasting. The biggest complaint from users was that they had a hard time finding things AND they wanted a picture of what they were downloading.

After many hours of searching, I finally found what I thought was a solution to the problem but quickly found that it wasn’t quite there. I made a suggestion and WOW, the response was incredible so the company went ahead and created a plugin that works in WordPress that allows you to provide links to documents (all kinds) whether they are in the media library or in another place on the internet!

So easy to set up and use. Watch this video to see how I set mine up…

Create searchable columns, add buttons, add links, Automatic downloads, add images.

Create Categories and Tags to help the search be easier!

Add photos with links, link to the blog post!

30 day money back guarantee and a free trial period. Oh and get this select the Lifetime option and never pay again!

Want to check it out and learn more how it will save you time and money?

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