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Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all that we are thankful for. Even in the midst of chaos, we can take a day to chillax, have family and friends over, and enjoy a wonderful meal together. Why not start a Thanksgiving tradition of crafting with the kids? Here’s 5 Easy Crafts for Kids to do for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Recipes and Crafts
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5 Easy crafts for kids to do for thanksgiving

Another tradition I started with my family as the kids were getting older, is getting everyone a small Christmas decoration. I did this to help get them started decorating their own homes for Christmas. Tea towels, ornaments, signs, shirts, etc. have been gifted in the past. 

Finally, as most know, I love crafting with my grand kids. This year I plan on making a few things with them as they will be here the whole week! 

These are the crafts with instructions:

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Cookie Instructions
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1. Pilgrim Hat DIY Cookie Craft

Southern Living has a very simple video to follow.


Thanksgiving Blessings Mix
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Thanksgiving-blessing-mix iheartnaptime.net

2. Blessings Mix

Wonderful gift for the kids to make and give away to family and friends. More info on iheartnaptime.net

Get the FREE Printable for yours here! With the transparent background, you can print on any color paper! Or print on a label to attach to a mason jar!

Mix the ingredients in a bowl except Hershey’s kiss and scoop out enough to fill a celephane bag. Place the kiss on top and use a twist tie to close. Print out the cute saying and attach to the bag. If you like, you can use mason jars and print the saying on labels to attach to the jar and tie a pretty ribbon or jute around the top.

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3. Mason Jar Ring Map

I love this idea for a cute ornament and reminder of where everyone lives.

You can find the original post on Happy Mothering but I’ve changed up the directions a bit and put them below. We are going to make one for each family member and where they live for our Christmas tree. I will even keep them up all year round next to photos of everyone!


  • Tie the ribbon (or twine) around the ring.
  • Using the outside of the top of the ring, trace a circle around the city on the map with the sharpie and cut just inside the mark
  • Print out a photo of family member and cut to the same shape as the map and glue them back to back
  • Use the puffy paint to draw a small heart on the map near the city (or use a red felt pen)
  • Once dry, glue the edges of the map and put inside the ring.
K-Cup Snowman Hat Ornaments
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4. Recycled K-Cup Snowman Hat Ornaments

Empty out k-cup and wash. Take a ribbon and cut about 3 inches. Take the ends and feed through the bottom of the hole in the k-cup (make it slightly bigger if needed). Knot the ends. Then take scraps of ribbon and jewels to decorate the cup making it look like a snowman hat. Use the smooth foam balls and attach eyes, nose, and black buttons for his face.

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5. Light up snowmen

How easy. Glue the cap and scarf onto the tealight with a glue gun. Add googly eyes and you are done!

Purchase the supplies here:

Did you enjoy the 5 Kid Friendly Crafts? I hope they give you some awesome ideas to fill your Thanksgiving with traditions your family can pass on. What do you do as a tradition on Thanksgiving? Share in the comments! I’d love to hear them.

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